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Dec19Components to creating a quality workout

Our program at H4 Training uses the following components with our clients workouts.

Foam Roll + Dynamic Warm-up ( 10-12 minutes )

1. Foam Roll First- foam rolling is known as a poor mans massage and it is a good way to help with tissue quality. When we do activities in our daily life and workouts we start to develop adhesion’s, scar tissue and knots in our muscle tissue which effects the muscles ability to lengthen fully. If you do not take care of these issues by foam rolling you could end up with muscle strains or injuries.

Some key spots to roll are- GLUTES, QUADS, IT BAND, ADDUCTORS AND T-SPINE

Focus on about 30-60 seconds on each spot depending on how tight the area is. If you find a spot that has a major knot you can sit on that area and hold for 10 seconds and let the pain release.

2. Dynamic Warm-up- Now that we have ironed out the knots in the muscle we can now warm them up properly. We have numerous dynamic warm-ups we use at H4 but below is just an example of one of them.


3. The workout itself- This part of the workout depends on your goals but for most people who just want to drop body fat and look better the workout should have at least each of the following- ( 30-40 minutes )

A Pull- Ideally 2 pulls to 1 push within the workout ( pull-ups, chin-ups, row variations, pull-downs etc )

A Push ( pushups, chest press and shoulder press variations )

A Hip hinge ( deadlift variations, glute thrusters, kettlebell swings )

A Squat ( lunges, goblet squats, split squats )

Core Movement ( planks, pallof presses, ab rollouts, reverse crunch )

Carry or Conditioning movement(s) ( farmer carries, burpees,  agility work, mountain climbers, lateral shuffle, high knees, jump ropes, etc )


4. Cool down/stretch- ( 5 minutes )  Hip flexors, hamstrings, quads, shoulders, etc