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Apr142 Unique Cardio Exercises To Try!

If you are bored with the treadmill, bike and stair master then give these two exercises a try on your cardio days. Being creative with your cardio can make your workouts more fun and keep you from losing interest. You can mix the below exercises with ball slams, ropes, jump rope, ladder work and other conditioning exercises.


1. Surfer Get-Ups

Think of a surfer on his board popping up before hitting the waves. This is a very taxing exercise and is considered advanced. Alternate between jumping up with the left leg forward and with the right leg forward. If this exercise is too challenging you can start by standing up from the down position instead of jumping up. You can do these for reps anywhere from 3-6 per side or see how many you can do for time say 45 sec-90sec.


2. Bear Crawl into Skaters

Bear crawls are great for the core, shoulders and overall mobility. Blending the bear crawl and skater elevates the heart rate and gets the body moving in multiple planes. We like to set up two cones and have someone bear crawl forward to one cone and backward to the other cone. Once you get up jump into the skaters moving side to side for 2 reps per side. Crawling back and forth and then getting two skaters in per side would equal 1 rep. Do anywhere between 3-8 reps.  This sequence can be done for time as well to see how many reps you do. You can play around with the distance of the cones for the crawls.