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Jan12Trouble losing body fat? Focus on these 4 tips




1. Take nutrition very seriously- The amazing workout program you are on will not matter if you don’t focus on nutrition. Limit carbs, sugar and alcohol and focus on protein. veggies and quality carbs like quinoa, sweet potatoes and beans. Use the 80/20 rule or better yet the 90/10 rule. Simply eat really well 80% of the week and then you can cheat 20% of the week. Start keeping a food log so you can actually see what you are eating on a regular basis.

2. Lift some real weight-Using 5 pound dumbbells for the entire year will not help you at all! Don’t be afraid to use some serious weight. If you don’t push for progressive overload you will not get better. If you are interested in dropping body fat then you want lean muscle. In order to achieve this you need to use the proper load.


3. Bring intensity-Take advantage of every ounce of gym time you have. That 20, 30, 45 or 60 minutes should be given everything you have for that day.


4. Take days off-Some people need to hear that taking days off will actually help and not heart their fat loss efforts. If you are working at the intensity you need to be then you will need the recovery. If you continue to beat down your body and not let it repair you will reverse the positive effects of the workout. If you really want to do something on your off days you can do an active recovery like taking yoga or a light walk.