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May114 Tips To Get Your Body Summer Ready!

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1. Focus on eating more protein and eating better foods-High quality protein, vegetables, fruits and good fats will do your body wonders. Whole foods require more energy for your body to digest than processed foods. High protein will promote muscle mass which will help you stay lean. Focus on eating lean protein at each meal for best results. Eat the majority of your carbs in the form of fruits and vegetables over processed carbs.

2. Do intense weight training -To shed body fat you need to stress the body with intense workouts which will make you use a ton of energy and build of lactic acid levels. When you do this you will burn a ton of calories, use fat for fuel and jolt your metabolism. Focus on lifting with moderate to heavy weight and very short rest periods. Use multi-joint lifts such as-deadlifts, squats, presses, rows, step-ups, lunges and chin-ups.

3. Use sprints over steady state cardio– Steady state cardio teaches the body to do the most amount of work with least amount of energy expended which is not ideal for shedding fat. Sprinting puts a lot of stress on the body just like weight training.

4. Focus on beating stress with diet and recovery-High stress levels can deplete your hormones most of which aid with fat loss. Allow yourself to have days to recover from intense workouts and hard days. Take yoga to meditate and let your mind escape. Eating foods rich in antioxidant-rich foods like berries, green veggies and whey protein.