Monday Q & A | H4 Training

Nov19Monday Q & A

Q-When I bench I notice shoulder pain, what could this be?

A-Most likely this is caused by 3 things

1) Muscle imbalance- Too often you see an imbalance between the pecs and the external rotators and back.Start working those areas more and working your chest less.

2) Adhesion’sAfter years and years of training you will have built up adhesion’s in your muscles. Most often it is the subscapularis when talking about shoulder pain and benching. If you can find a professional to perform ART or Active Release Technique this can help you.

3) FlexibilityFailure to stretch regularly can lead to injuries. Start adding in stretching especially for the shoulder girdle.

Q- I have been working out consistently but still cant lose bodyfat, what could be the reason?

A-Are you doing the following?

1) Eating clean and lean-making protein and veggies a staple and keeping sugars, carbs and processed foods to a minimal. If you don’t eat right you wont get the results you want. Make this priority number one!

2) Weight training with different rep schemes-Make sure you lift heavy, medium and light. Make sure you lift with high, medium and low reps. There are benefits to you with each variation so use them.

3) Including intervals as your primary cardio- Skip the distance runs and go with the short intervals to speed up your bodies fat loss potential.

Q- I only have 3 days to weight train and I want to put on some size what could I do?

A- Use this split


Every other week you could rotate this so you do upper body 1x and lower 2x.

Q-What are common mistakes people make when working out?

A-Most I see include

Not warming up properly
Doing too much pressing and not enough pulling
Jerky seated rows using their low back, momentum and neck
Women not lifting enough
Lack of intensity