Monday Q & A | H4 Training

Nov06Monday Q & A


Q- I want a better butt! I jog all the time so whats gives?
A- Doing aerobics will not give you the butt you want. In order to shape your glutes you need to do so through weight training with such moves as thrusters, squats, deadlifts and lunges. Sprints are great to help give the butt shape but pure aerobics wont cut it.

Q-How do I start doing pushups?

A- First we need to look to improve your abdominal, shoulder, chest and tricep strength. Next, is to focus on your strategy to improve the actual pushup. Start by doing pushups on a box, table or higher bench and as you progress and get stronger slowly move closer to the ground. Your end goal will be to do quality pushups on the floor.


Q- I workout really hard and eat a very clean diet but I still struggle to lose weight. Why is this the case?


A- I am going to assume you have a great strength training and cardio program as well as your diet plan so I will leave those alone. Most likely your stress levels are too high and you are not getting enough sleep. Stress causes your cortisol levels to rise which means you store more fat, not good for trying to lose weight of course. Sleep is the most over looked aspect of training but that is when the body rests and recovers. Stress less, sleep more!

Q-How can I build more mass to my back?

A- First eat and eat some more! Mostly quality and healthy foods of course. Second, start doing more volume. Work your back 2-3 times a week and do more work in each of those workouts. The muscles of the back tend to grow when stimulated frequently. Another secret is to start deadlifting which can build out those lats and traps.