7 Ways To Cut Calories(Without Counting Them) | H4 Training

Apr157 Ways To Cut Calories(Without Counting Them)

  1. Eat with your non dominant hand- So if you’re right handed eat only with your left or vice versa.  This works because it slows you down.  And the more slowly you eat, the higher the chance the less you’ll eat   
  2. Don’t let your foods touch on your plate-This seems odd and weird but trusts me.  It’s all about portion control.  This trick simply helps you cut down the amount you’re eating.     
  3. Put your fork down between every bite-Similar to the first suggestion, this allows you to slow down when you’re eating.  It takes around 15-20 minutes for your brain to sense that it’s full … well if you’re inhaling your food, you’ll eat way more than you need to within that time frame.  Let your brain tell you you’re satisfied before your stomach “tells you” you’ve eaten way too much and feel sick.
  4. Chew your food more-Chewing each bite more will not only allow you to better taste the food, but it will also have the added benefit of slowing you down when eating.  This is a win situation.  So now that you’re putting your fork down between bites, you’ll have time to chew each bite more thoroughly.
  5.  Get rid of distractions- When you’re distracted you generally eat more.  Whether it’s your phone, a book, or the TV … distracted eaters eat more.  Instead, fully engage with the person (or people) at the table with no other distractions. 
  6. START your meal with salad-At restaurants there’s always a bread basket at the table it seems these days.  But if that was swapped with salad … or when you’re home start each meal with a salad, you’ll eat less overall.  Granted that salad can’t be loaded with cheese, creamy dressings and bacon … but that’s a different issue.  Veggies take up lots of room in your stomach (a good thing) so you eat less of the “heavier” calories.
  7. Make veggies the biggest part of your meal-Enjoying stir fry?  Great, then use veggies as the base, add your protein on top and whatever else. Fill that plate with them!